All Stars Core Signature Training


Teach with a Purpose

Teach All Stars with higher fidelity!

Engage Your Students

Teach All Stars with higher student engagement!

Produce Strong Results

Have the strongest program outcomes at the end of the program!


This Offer is for YOU if...

  • You have been teaching All Stars without being certified trained and you are wondering why you are doing what you are doing, are struggling with delivering a lesson or two and need some clarity and support.
  • You have replaced an All Stars teacher or have added a new All Stars teacher to your team and want them to be certified trained, but the full cost of training would stretch your limited budget.
  • You have already completed an All Stars certified training course, have been teaching All Stars for some time and have questions to ask or challenges to work through from your own personal experiences. Or, maybe you need to be refreshed or rejuvenated and get the excitement back you felt when you walked away from your first All Stars training.
  • You want to be the best, do your best and give your best to your All Stars students.

Invest in Yourself and Your Students

Being a certified trained All Stars teacher is EXPECTED and REQUIRED!

Why? Because student outcomes are stronger at the end of the program and last longer with trained teachers! Why would we expect or want anything less?

Your investment in training is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your students!

If you’re ready to become the best All Stars teacher you can be, then...

This training is for YOU!

Training is Timely and Convenient

You can do the training course on your own schedule, when the time is right for you and at your own pace!  But, you won't be alone! The trainer will be walking right beside you to the end!

The All Stars Core Signature training course includes six online recorded modules for you to watch on your own time!

Module 1

The “Why” and “What” of All Stars: The Theory and Research Behind the Program


  • The All Stars Core Family
  • The All Stars Core Recipe
  • Hitting the Target: The All Stars Core Outcome
  • What You Expect is What You Get
  • Applying Prevention Laws to the All Stars Core Approach
  • The Big Reveal: The All Stars Core Research Strategies

Module 2

Delivery Tips & Insights for a Successful All Stars Core Experience


  • Wants vs. Needs - The All Stars Core Materials
  • The Nuts & Bolts of the All Stars Core Pre/Posttest Student Survey
  • Effectively Using the All Stars Core Teacher Manual
  • The Little Details That Make a Big Difference
  • Tips on Teaching All Stars Core With High Engagement

Modules 3-5

Lesson-by-Lesson Instruction

Lesson Highlights:

These three modules will walk through all of the lessons of All Stars Core, with step-by-step instruction, lesson tips and how to forecast and resolve challenges.

We will also delve deep into the four student/adult conversations in All Stars Core and how to increase their rate of completion.



How to Teach All Stars Core Virtually

This module gives tips and insights on how to adapt the lessons of All Stars Core when teaching virtually!


The All Stars Core Signature Training Exceeds Expectations

The training course consistently receives high marks of satisfaction and recommendations since its debut in the summer of 2019!

Bringing All Stars to Life

"The training gives you much more insight into the program and its delivery than if you just read the manual on your own. The training brings the program to life! It is so worth it!"

Endless Tips for Every Lesson

"There are so many tips shared for every lesson and that you can only get if you do the training. They will save you time, make the lessons go more smoothly and increase your effectiveness."

Know Why You Are Doing What You're Doing

"I had already completed All Stars Core training once, but over time, I felt I was just going through the motions of teaching it. Doing the training again, especially this new training, got me out of my rut. I got new insights, corrected a few bad teaching habits and renewed my excitement and passion for All Stars!"

About Your Trainer

Hi! I'm Kathleen and I'm the licensed All Stars trainer and President of KNS Learning Solutions. I've been training All Stars for over 28 years with 18 of them employed by the program developer, Dr. William Hansen. I've trained thousands of teachers around the world and my greatest joy is watching the transformation that happens with each training participant from the beginning to the end of the training. All Stars training is sure to continue transforming lives. I look forward to having you go on a transformational journey with me!

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions and they are very likely the same questions others have asked. If your question isn't answered below, please contact the trainer at [email protected].

Certified training is required before teaching any All Stars program, especially if you plan to do outcome evaluation of the program. This requirement comes from studies that found teachers who received certified training before teaching All Stars produced stronger outcomes at the end of the program than teachers who are not trained. The integrity of the program and your reputation as the teacher will be upheld by being trained beforehand. And, better yet, your students will benefit from your training at the end of the program!

If you are someone who has already been trained by me in All Stars Core, you WILL benefit from this training.

First, this is a new training course for All Stars Core! It debuted in the summer of 2019. It is more comprehensive than any previous All Stars Core training. The course covers step-by-step instruction on ALL of the lessons and has more supplemental resources for the lessons than ever offered before.

Secondly, we all need to be refreshed and inspired once in a while. And this training will do that for you.

Additionally, our research has found that the longer someone teaches a program like All Stars they get into some bad habits that are not helpful for the program’s outcome. Going through training again helps you see what you need to do different and better while also affirming those things you are doing well and correctly.

We guarantee this training offers so much new content and resources that you did not get in your previous training and will be SO helpful to you even now.

This time you will go through the training with your own All Stars experiences. You will know better what your questions and challenges are of which will be addressed in the training modules or in the Q & A sessions.

You can have access to the course within 24 hours of registering! You will have six weeks from the day you gain access to complete the course and before you lose access to it.

Yes! We do have a few tips and suggestions to offer! The course includes six training modules, totaling 9 hours. You have six weeks to complete the training before losing access to the modules. If you block out 90 minutes a week for each of the six weeks you should have no problem completing the course! And, you can "stop and go" when you need to. So, if blocking out two 45-minute periods of time on your schedule each week works for you, then do it! The important thing is to reserve the time on your schedule ahead of time and then stick to it! 

Absolutely! Kathleen is available via email or phone any time as you complete the course! You have a question? Ask it! You have a concern! Share it! You have a specific situation you want to problem solve? Let her help you! During the training and well after, she is here to support, cheer and help you. And, it's FREE!

No, it is not. However, it is required for the training. If you currently have an All Stars Core teacher manual, version 3.2 or lower you will want to update your manual. The current version (version 3.3) includes special considerations and information on how to teach the lessons virtually. If you need to update your teacher manual you can purchase it at a reduced price of $75 (a savings of $25). To get this reduced price you will need to order it over the phone by calling Anne at 336-601-9909.

Yes! Go ahead and register under your name or another name. We can adjust the names of those actually doing the course once you have the information available.

You Get So Much More Than Just Six Training Modules!

All Stars Core Signature Training Course

Get access to all six recorded online training modules 


Bonus 1 - A recorded online Q&A session after each module with the trainer answering the most common questions asked.

Bonus 2 - Become a member of the All Stars Insider's Club - a private Facebook group exclusive to only All Stars trained teachers.

Bonus 3 - Slide decks for each module, tip sheets, videos, templates and checklists of all kinds! 

Bonus 4 - Get "The Ultimate Checklist for Setting Up Your All Stars Program" sent to your Inbox when you register!

Bonus 5 - Personal, one-on-one access to the trainer during the training course AND ongoing technical assistance and support after the training.

Bonus 6 - Purchase the All Stars Core teacher manual (required for the training) at a reduced cost of $75 (a savings of $25)!



Total Value: $650

Lock in at just $399!

A Savings Over $250!


All Stars Core Signature Training Plus One Special Offer

Purchase the All Stars Core Signature Training and get all the Bonuses 


Choose another All Stars online training for just $100!

  • All Stars Character Education Training
  • All Stars Booster Training
  • All Stars Plus Training

Total Value: $850

Get 2 trainings for just $499!

A Savings Over $350!



If you do the course work, and you’re still not satisfied, show us your work within 14 days of the course beginning and we will gladly give you a refund.

"Honestly, I was dreading having to do another training. I've been teaching for over 20 years and most of the trainings I've done haven't taught me anything new or helpful. But, surprisingly, the All Stars Core Signature online training wasn't one of those trainings. Kathleen taught me so much in this training! I can't imagine trying to teach All Stars Core without the training. I know why I am doing it, what I am doing and how I am going to do it. I also learned so much that I could immediately apply in my classroom even when I'm not teaching All Stars. I just wish I would have had the training 20 years ago."

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