Four Proven Strategies to Prevent Lying, Stealing, Cheating & Bullying With Your Students 

This free webinar will introduce you to four research strategies and classroom activities you can do that have proven to prevent problem behaviors with late elementary students.

This webinar is for YOU if you also want to... 

Prevent early substance use with your students

Build positive character with your students

Help your students get along with one another

Meet the social and emotional needs of your students

Gain the support of your students’ parents

Encourage your students to have fun while learning through games, art projects and story telling

Meet Your Instructor...

Kathleen Nelson-Simley is a leading substance use prevention educator, coach and consultant who has trained more than 10,000 people across the globe. Her 33 years of prevention experience comes from working with youth in local communities, school classrooms and non-profit agencies, serving as a trainer for a national prevention research-based company and now running her own business – KNS Learning Solutions. She offers her students resources, training and support in effective prevention strategies and teaching methods, parent engagement, community and school support, group facilitation skills, grant writing and leadership coaching – just to name a few. She is also the licensed trainer for All Stars - a series of research-based prevention curricula for students in grades 4-12.

When she’s not consulting with schools or community organizations or working with her students, she is appearing in the media. She is the author of a weekly blog that reaches over 4,000 readers and a parent column, When It Comes From You, featured in local, regional and national publications. Kathleen also appears often as a featured speaker at national and regional conferences.

When you work with Kathleen it’s obvious that everything she does is driven by her passion for kids and her desire to give them the best so they can get and be the best!


This is a Must Watch Webinar if...

  • You work with late elementary age youth, especially 4th and 5th graders.
  • You have students who have begun to engage in problem behaviors, such as lying, cheating, stealing and bullying.

  • You want a majority of your students to positively influence the few who are engaging in negative behaviors.

  • You want to deal with the problem behaviors in a way that engages all of your students, gets their input and feedback, holds them accountable and is also fun! 

"Research shows that kids who exhibit problem behaviors, such as lying, stealing, cheating and bullying, in the late elementary years are at a higher risk for earlier alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. It's our job to prevent these problem behaviors during this critical time if we want kids to have the most positive future. They deserve it."

~ Kathleen, Webinar Instructor

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