If you answer, "YES!", to just one of these questions... 

Are you planning to teach All Stars Core online with students?

Are you nervous and looking for tips and inside secrets on how to teach in the virtual world with confidence?

Are you concerned about how to teach the lessons of All Stars Core with fidelity while teaching virtually?

Do you want to hear directly from the trainer of All Stars Core on approved adaptations you can make when teaching the program virtually?

Then this training is for YOU!


In this on-demand, self-paced 90-minute training, you will get:

  • Insights on how to adapt the lessons of All Stars Core for virtual delivery while still maintaining program fidelity.
  • Specific strategies on how to engage your students in online conversations and group and partner work.
  • Proven methods for managing student online behavior.
  • Special considerations you need to make when teaching online vs. in-person.
  • How to access the All Stars Core student worksheets online while still honoring the material copyright.

What are you waiting for? The answers to your questions are in this training. Register now!


Purchase the Training and Earn an Added BONUS!

For each person enrolled in the training, you can purchase an updated All Stars Core teacher manual (version 3.3) for just $50! That's 50% off the regular price! This updated teacher manual includes written instructions, notes and special considerations when teaching each of the lessons virtually! 

An Important Message From Your Trainer

Hi! I'm Kathleen and I'm the licensed All Stars trainer and President of KNS Learning Solutions. I've been training All Stars for over 28 years with 18 of them employed by the program developer, Dr. William Hansen. I could never have predicted or prepared for the challenging times we are in right now. And, if you are teaching kids in a classroom or community setting, it's even more challenging. Am I right? The demands have never been greater and the stakes never higher. Kids need All Stars like never before! Yet, the requirements and limitations of the current pandemic is keeping many teachers, like you, from teaching the program in-person. Let me reassure you...there is an answer! You CAN teach All Stars Core virtually with your students! But, if your own worries, lack of experience and confidence or unanswered "how to" questions are keeping you from moving into the virtual world, then you MUST join me in this training! I will hold your hand and walk you through the most important things you need to know and the resources you need to have to get you over the hurdles you face so you can meet your All Stars students face-to-face in the virtual world!

P.S. This training is only open to already-certified trained All Stars Core teachers. If you are new to All Stars Core and/or have not completed the full certified teacher training course, contact me! I can help you get what you need!