"How to Have a Positive Influence on Kids that Lasts Years Later"

A free 90-minute masterclass you will remember years later when kids name you as that one adult who had a positive influence on them!

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Never before has your positive influence on students been as important as it is today. 


Give this some thought...

If your students were asked 20-50 years from now to name a teacher in their life who had a positive influence on them, would they name you?

Now, think about this...

Who is the teacher(s) who had a positive influence on you during your elementary, middle school/junior high and high school years?

Take a moment. Give this some thought.

Jot your teacher’s name down on a piece of paper.

What did your teacher specifically do to have this influence on you? Write your thoughts next to your teacher’s name.

What words would you use to describe your teacher? Make a note of them.

Does your teacher still influence you still today in any way? If so, how?

There's a high chance your teacher has the five qualities research has shown to have a lasting positive influence on kids. 

Now, more than ever, our kids need us to step up and be our best for them. We ALL influence kids in what we say and what we don't say and in what we do and don't do. No matter what your role is with kids - a classroom teacher, adult mentor, parent, counselor, youth worker or preventionist - you have the opportunity to influence kids. 

The two questions you need to answer for yourself is..."Is your influence positive or negative? Will your influence be short term or long term?"

To help you answer these two questions, we will be unpacking the five qualities of a teacher/adult whose influence is positive and lasts for years in this free 90-minute masterclass. We will also be sharing methods and techniques you can use in your interactions with kids that model these five positive qualities.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up for this masterclass! We've got a lot to talk about and space is limited in the class. 

Now, imagine again...

If we asked your students 20-50 years from now…

“Who is an adult from your elementary, middle school/junior high and high school years that had a positive influence on you?”

And, they named YOU!

Are you ready to begin the journey to make it happen?


Meet Your Masterclass Teacher

If we haven't already met in-person or online, let me introduce myself. I’m a leading substance use prevention and youth development trainer, coach and consultant who has worked with more than 10,000 people around the globe. My 34 years of experience comes from working with schools, community-based youth programs and non-profit agencies, serving as a trainer for a national prevention research-based company and now blessed with my own business – KNS Learning Solutions. No matter what your role is with kids, I offer learning and training opportunities with leading experts, the best resources and programs for the youth and families you serve and the support and help you need to do your work effectively and efficiently. Everything I do is driven by my passion for kids and my desire to give you the best so your kids can get and be their best!

~ Kathleen

President of KNS Learning Solutions